Why Should you Choose Structured Cabling for your Company?

Why Should you Choose Structured Cabling for your Company?

Structured cabling is the network of cables and associated hardware that provides comprehensive network infrastructure for the transmission of communication signals.

Structured cabling is considered as the foundation for any business communication network including data, voice, or alarms.

Providers of cabling installation follow standard procedures to ensure acceptable system performance and a simple cabling arrangement.
IT Cabling Installation in Dubai

Benefits of Choosing Structured Cabling:

Ø  Structured cabling for every organisation is unique as there are several factors considered before laying out the cables.

   *      The variation in the cabling system is due to various factors.

   *     The cable and connection products.

   *      The building structure and the internal layout of the network cables.

   *     The function of the cabling installation.

   *      The number of devices supported through the cabling system – present and future.

   *     Scope for future scalability.

   *      Integration into an already existing system.

   *      Specific requirements of the organisation and the warranty provided by the cabling company.

Ø  The structured cabling is the organized layout of the network cables, which facilitates a better understanding of the network, the different devices connected to the network, and what devices connect to what.

Ø  Networking professionals feel comfortable while managing the network as it is easy for them to check if there is an issue with the cable connections. For each type of service, the structured cables have unique colors that help network engineers to identify and replace the cables that have an issue.

Ø  The organised layout of the network cables provides an aesthetic look to the office infrastructure. A Structured cabling network enhances the safety and health of the network cables. There are fewer chances of any hazard or a trip due to the organised layout.

Ø  It is easy to relocate or add new devices into the network as the business expands. Structured cabling allows the inclusion of new devices without disturbing the existing networks.  

Ø  Structured cabling reduces the overall downtime during troubleshooting of the network issues. It helps organisations to increase productivity and gives a boost to business growth.

Ø  A Structured cabling system is durable for many years. The initial investment incurred in laying out the cables helps in saving a considerable amount of money in the long run. It is the most cost-effective cabling system that is low maintenance and highly efficient.

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