What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Cabling?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Cabling?

With the increased use of wireless technology, enterprises are contemplating the advantages and disadvantages of a cabling network infrastructure.

While wireless is a convenient technology, a stable cabling network is always a reliable solution for improved network connectivity.

A network system that uses physical cabling will be more robust and secure than one based upon wireless technology.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Cabling:

Security: IT cables provide a higher level of security when compared to wireless networks. The shielded network cable has a single connection to the server or workstation making it safe from any tampering or unauthorised usage.

Reduced interference: Network data cabling installed correctly reduces interference caused by electrical and radio frequency interference, also known as electromechanical interference and radio frequency interference. Wireless cables are extremely susceptible to radiofrequency interference problems. IT cabling is susceptible to electrical interference that can be reduced by proper shielding and cable management.

Consistent connectivity: IT cabling provides consistent connectivity that does not suffer from momentary lapses. Wireless signals experience momentary lapses due to electrical interference that slows down data transfer.

Speed: IT cabling provides reliable data transfer rates with speeds that can go up to 10 gigabits. Fiber optic cabling transmits light rather than standard data information, making it optimal for high-speed usage and extended ranges.

Mobility: IT cabling networks do not provide mobility as they are fixed to a system within the office premises. Wireless networks offer mobility and ease to connect from anywhere without causing any interruption to work.

Expandability: The use of physical network cabling provides more than one physical computer connection when more than one network device is needed, but it is usually simply a matter of connecting a router or hub to the installed cabling and connecting network devices to the hub or router. Each hub or router can support up to 255 devices.

Wiring set up: Installation and setting up of IT cabling needs expertise. This means that the cable must be routed and terminated properly at both ends. The access to crawl spaces and interiors of the walls as well as cutting holes in walls need to be considered before installation.

Organised layout: One of the advantages of IT cabling is the organized layout of the cables, which gives the office premises an attractive look. IT cabling allows easy detection of and fixing of errors, thereby reducing overall downtime.

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