What are the Necessary Considerations for Fiber Optic Installations?

What are the Necessary Considerations for Fiber Optic Installations?

Fiber Optic cabling offers the most reliable networks for handling high-speed internet. They provide seamless connectivity and allow maximum utilization of bandwidth.

The Fiber optic cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic combined and embedded within a plastic layer covered with a protective tube. They are lightweight, flexible, affordable, thinner, and consume less power.

They have a low risk of liquid damage or any kind of short circuit. They are free from any external electrical interferences and hence transmit data and voice signals without any loss of signal strength.

Installation of Fiber Optic cabling needs expertise for achieving maximum efficiency.

Fiber Optic cabling installations in Dubai

Important considerations for Fiber Optic Installations:

Minimum bend radius: Optical fiber cable installations are much simpler than installing coaxial or UTP cable in the horizontal. Bending the fiber cable tighter than the minimum bend radius may result in increased attenuation and broken fibers. If the elements of the cable are not broken, when the bend is relaxed, the attenuation should return to normal.

Maximum Tensile rating: The fiber cable’s maximum tensile rating, as specified by the cable manufacturer, must not exceed during installation. Tension on the cable can be monitored while using a mechanical device, and through the use of back-feeding or center-pull techniques.

Maximum vertical rise: The maximum vertical rise of Fiber optic cables represents the maximum vertical distance the cable can be installed without intermediate support points. The vertical cable installations must be secured with a split mesh grip at the top of the run.

Cable protection: The sectionalisation of the inner duct allows the addition of future cable pulls without any hassle. Fiber optic cables need to be protected efficiently while installing in raceways, cable trays, or secured to other cables. While moving the fiber optic cables, it may warrant protection with conduit in places exposed to physical damage.

Duct utilization: When pulling long lengths of cable through duct or conduit, less than 50% fill ratio by cross-sectional area is recommended. Multiple cables can be pulled at once as the tensile load is applied equally to all cables.  For a difficult cable pull, extra fibers installed now but not terminated may be a cost-effective provision for the future.

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