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What Common Mistakes Should One Avoid During Structured Cabling Installations?

What Common Mistakes Should One Avoid During Structured Cabling Installations?

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The importance of structured cabling cannot be the least bit undermined. A properly planned structured cabling can last up to a decade with necessary changes being implemented as and when the situation demands. However, a few common mistakes should be avoided in order to keep them going in a great condition for years together, which are as listed below. We are Techno Edge Systems, who hold expertise in providing invincible structured cabling installations in Dubai as network cabling solutions for businesses.

Structured Cabling

5 Most Common Mistakes of Structured Cabling Installations in Dubai

  1. No Proper Planning

Most of the technicians do not invest enough time for proper planning of the structured cabling. They should ask themselves the questions like

  • How many rooms are required to be wired?
  • What is the requirement in terms of a number of ports?
  • What kind of cables is ideal?
  • How much speed can be tapped from each type of cable to ensure proper planning? 
  1. Not implementing Cable Management

Once again as a part of their money-saving strategy, most of the business owners try to avoid the cable management which includes following the codes like

  • Not maintaining a ladder rack.
  • Not following a color code for different cables.
  • Not labeling the cables for future reference.

Following the above-mentioned practices can help the businesses in a longer run. The technicians needn’t have to pull the entire network cabling unit down for any kind of changes to the made like adding, deleting or moving a connection.

  1. Running Structured cabling parallel to Electric Cabling

With the use of various types of cables for structured cabling, it creates a magnetic field which in fact, ensures the proper functioning of the cable. However, the magnetic field is susceptible to interfere with the electric cable and can cause a slow connection or might completely stall the connections.

  1. Running Structure cabling next to the noise

Structured cabling is highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI). To ensure the best-structured cabling installations, any source with 50-60 Hz interference should be kept away from cables – like the fluorescent lights, condition motors etc.

  1. Not following the laws, standards, and regulations

Certain laws for ensuring standard practices of structured cabling are developed for the safety of humans, and buildings. Professional structured cabling technicians are well-versed with such laws and follow them during making installations. Violating such laws not only attract hefty fines from the law inspectors but also creates an unsafe environment for people as well.

AT Techno Edge Systems, we offer structured cabling installations in Dubai by implementing the local code of law for highest safety practices. For more information and structured cabling installations in Dubai, contact +971-50-8740112 or visit www.structurecabling.ae.


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