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Why is Structured Cabling Crucial for Futuristic Digital Buildings?

Why is Structured Cabling Crucial for Futuristic Digital Buildings?

We offer advanced structured cabling services in Dubai for future needs

The digital buildings with all its advanced technology spanning Power of Ethernet (POE), Internet of Things (IoT), and many more technologies maximize the occupants’ experience within the building. The various technologies work in tandem through the integration of the best of the class architecture, engineering, and technology. Now to make it all possible, the structured cabling plays a crucial role in bringing them together on a single platform to meet the organizational needs and evolve as a digital building. At Techno Edge Systems, we are veterans in providing world-class structured cabling Dubai for various businesses.

Structured Cabling DubaiThe Big Question…

With the present technology, is it possible to meet the demands of the digital building?

The answer is, yes. With the right structured cabling services provided by experienced professionals, it is highly possible to deliver the cabling infrastructure that can easily support the digital buildings.

What kind of Structured Cabling infrastructure is expected to meet the demands of the Digital Building?

In simple, yet straightforward terms, the structured cabling techniques have to be futuristic and ready to meet the growing demand of the rampant technology. Let’s see what kind of structured cabling requirement is expected to deliver the ideal network infrastructure to support digital buildings.

  • 1.Powerful Structured Cabling: The structured cabling in the digital buildings should be powerful enough to support the Power of Ethernet (PoE). It is a technology that enables the transmission of power and data across the same network. The structured cabling should be supportive and customizable with respect to any number of additions of devices like cameras, lights, and many other devices that add to the digital buildings’ experience.
  • 2.Structured Cabling with high-temperature tolerance: Powerful cabling means more heat generation. And a huge amount of heat can cause detrimental effect to the cabling infrastructure leading to
    • Insertion loss
    • Frequent breakdowns
    • Unnecessary wear and tear.
    The clever use of category 6a cable is ideal for handling PoE devices as it is not only affordable but is efficient with the capacity to transmit 10 GB of data per second. They are also ideal for mitigating the heat effect.
  • 3.Structured Cabling with Higher Bandwidth: The structured cabling infrastructure that can support higher bandwidth is expected as the number of devices like the laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more is only going to go up. It should be able to support the application devices like the conferencing and the communication tools as and when required.

It should be capable of supporting the Building Automation Systems (BAS) like lighting, security, audio/visual, elevators. Etc.

With the right structured cabling infrastructure, developing the digital buildings is not far-fetched. For invincible structured cabling solutions in Dubai, to make every dream a reality, approach Techno Edge Systems. Contact us at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for more information.


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