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Why is Fiber Optic Cabling Ideal for Effective Cloud Computing?

Why is Fiber Optic Cabling Ideal for Effective Cloud Computing?

3 Ways Fiber Optic Cables Installations in Dubai can benefit cloud computing

Cloud computing has become the way to handle business requirements spanning services, storage, servers, software, etc. Without much management effort, cloud computing enables you to share the resources over the internet. It is when the fiber optic cables are installed instead of the traditional copper wires for the internet connection, the true scope of cloud computing can be realized. Find out the three reasons why fiber optic cables are the most efficient means to utilize cloud computing. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer Fiber optic cable installation in Dubai for effective Cloud computing apart from the structured cabling services for small businesses to enterprises.


3 Reasons why Fiber optic cables installation is a superior choice to access cloud

As of today, there is no technology existing which can better deal with cloud computing than the fiber optic cabling for the internet services as it is the only one with the bandwidth to carry trillions of bits of data per second.

• Fiber Optic Cables give you quicker access to the cloud: As it is understood that to access the cloud, one needs a reliable and fast internet service. The lightning speed internet connectivity can produce quicker results in fetching the information from the cloud. And the fiber optic cables are synonymous for quickest transfer of data. With the highest bandwidth, low interference, and high-speed data transfer properties make the fiber optic cables the ideal choice for accessing the cloud.

• Fiber optic cables are resistant to natural disasters like hurricanes: Made with the plastic and glass fibers for data transfer, the fiber optic cables are less susceptible to disaster situations, unlike the copper cables, which are more vulnerable in similar situations.

• Fiber optics offer better data security: Copper cables can be prone to data leakage, hence, it leaves scope for eavesdropping while transferring the data from the cloud. In contrast, there is minimal to no data leakage with the fiber optic cables making it almost impossible for the hackers to steal the data during the data transfer from the cloud.

Also, it has been found that even during the category 4 hurricanes like Irma in Florida, the companies that switched to fiber optic cables were reportedly least affected. If you are considering migrating to the cloud, the first step should be to check if your infrastructure supports it, else it is highly recommended to opt for fiber optic cabling for best results.

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