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Why The Buzz Around Cloud Computing?

Why The Buzz Around Cloud Computing?

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No wonder, cloud computing is ruling the roost where sharing the resources over the network (typically internet) is concerned. So, what is cloud computing? The cloud computing, in a nutshell, is making use of the virtual server at a remote location without actually having to pay for the hardware, software, storage or any resources independently as they are commonly available on a cloud. The examples of the common cloud applications we use today are the Dropbox, Google Docs, even Flickr, emails. We at Techno Edge Systems provide Data cabling services for the public or private data centers in Dubai.

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Who does the cloud computing benefit the most?

The cloud computing is a blessing to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) who needn’t invest in the expensive hardware, equipment maintenance, IT support. It is believed that 70% of the IT costs can be saved if the SMBs move their IT infrastructure to the cloud as you pay for only for what you use.

What has the cloud computing replaced?

Unlike the scenario where the server is used to host the hardware, OS and storage capabilities to provide applications and other resources for the company, the cloud presents the virtual server concept to the world of computing.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

As discussed earlier, cloud computing opens up a plethora of benefits to the organizations. They include:

• Reliability: The client hardly gets affected if one data center is down. The pooled resources across the network make them available at all points of time.

• Physical Security: The hardware is placed in a highly protected zone of climate controlled data centers. It is near to impossible to tamper with the server and the other resources in such an environment.

• Scalability: Resources are available when the client needs them without having to worry about the delay or unavailability.

• Cost-effective: Cloud computing saves the hardware, software, application, and storage costs and is especially beneficial for the SMBs. The clients will have to just pay for the specific time they make use of the resources from the cloud.

• Flexibility: The clients can leverage the resources based on their requirement. They can pick and choose the features they require from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

What is a hybrid cloud?

There are three ways in which the cloud computing can be deployed at your organization.

Public cloud: A third-party organization has the data center installed and provides the cloud services like storage, servers, hardware, and software to external clients.

Private Cloud: The private cloud is where the data center is located on-site and the cloud computing services are used exclusively by that organization alone. Sometimes, the organizations seek the cloud providers’ service exclusively for themselves.

Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid cloud is where the private cloud connects to a public cloud using a VPN connection. This is a more practical approach for companies of all sizes to make use of cloud computing other than the internet.

The list of benefits of cloud computing is endless even though it is in the nascent stage of development. A lot more advantages of cloud computing can be expected over time as it is further investigated. The cloud computing data centers make use of the Fiber cabling for its ToR architecture. We at Techno Edge Systems are pioneers in offering Data cabling solutions in Dubai including structured cabling services. Contact us for more information on +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for further questions.


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