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Why is mixing the wireless and wired cabling the best option for your home?

Why is mixing the wireless and wired cabling the best option for your home?

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While it might be very tempting to go for wireless networking at home, the experts believe that mixing the wired and wireless networking is the right way to achieve the best results. People, in general, tend to opt for wireless networking for the obvious reasons like convenience, multiple devices connectivity, and mobile devices connectivity like tablets, laptops, phones, or even the iPods. However, even today with most advanced technology, wireless connectivity is dwarfed by the wired network connections. Hence, we at Techno Edge Systems recommend the mixing of the wired and the wireless network connections at your home as the best practice.

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Difference between the wired and wireless network connections

• Flexibility: The wireless connections offer more flexibility to move around within the range. The wired connections restrict the movement as you need to connect the cables to the port. Wireless is the winner.

• File sharing: Wireless connections make it easier to share files on the go while with the wired connection a cable has to be connected to enable the same. The transfer speed with a wired connection is faster. Neutral result.

• Cables: Wireless is less complicated as less cabling is required; however, the little cabling tends to be untidy. The wired connections are complicated. Wireless is the winner.

• Attracting Customers: For business use, the wireless connections seem to attract more customers as compared to the laid-back wired connections. Wireless is the winner.

• Speed: Wireless connections, however advanced they seem to be, are much slower in speed as compared to the wired connections. Wired connection is the winner.

• Security: Wireless connections are more prone to security threats as compared to the wired connections which are tougher to penetrate. Wired connection is the winner.

• Cost: Cost of upgrading from wired to wireless can be expensive; on the other hand wired connections are also expensive to set up. Neutral result.

Though wireless connections have an edge over the wired connections, speed is the most prominent factor that makes you think twice before going wireless. Luckily, there is a third option, which is mixing the wired and the wireless connections.

Why is mixing wired and wireless connections a better option?

The wireless Ethernet comes in 11 Mbps with 802.11b cable and 54 Mbps with 802.11a cable.

Disadvantages of using only wireless cabling:

• To make it cost-effective, yet maintaining the speed is not possible with wireless Ethernet as 802.llb and 802.11a cables are not compatible.
• The 802.11a cables are at least 2 or 3 times expensive than the 802.11b cable.
• Performance-wise, the wireless cabling is far slower than the wired connections.
• Ethernet is essentially a shared-bandwidth technology. Adding devices to the wireless Ethernet slows down the already sluggish network.

Disadvantages of wired Ethernet:

• Though theoretically, the wired 100 Mbps network gives at least 9 to 10 times greater bandwidth, pulling wired connections is a challenge.
Therefore, the trick is to use the combination of wired and wireless connections to make the best of both worlds.

Listed below are key takeaways to have the best network cabling installations at your small office/home office (SOHO).
• Maximize the use of wired connections wherever possible.
• Make use of switches than hubs, as the switches provide complete 100 Mbps bandwidth to each port on the box.
• Test wireless connectivity in the specific area before choosing it.
• If the wireless connection is inevitable, maximize the coverage by using multiple access points.
• Ensure the primary network connection to your home is a wired connection before branching out into wired and wireless connections.
• Check and identify the maximum usage points against the less frequently used places and establish patterns before making network cabling installations.
• Plan the installations for cost-effective cabling.

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