What is the Importance of Structured Cabling During a Crisis?

What is the Importance of Structured Cabling During a Crisis?

Structured cabling systems are recommended for businesses because they are easier to maintain and can improve efficiency and productivity of the business transactions.

Another reason to choose structured cabling is to stay protected in the case of a crisis.

The pandemic has made it more important of having a structured cabling system installed to keep the networks safe and seamless.

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Benefits of Structured Cabling During Crisis:

Better reliability and speed: A well-organized structured cabling system can provide excellent speed. The cables are designed to carry a lot of data, so it’s important to have a system that can provide the speed necessary to complete daily tasks. It is a good choice for companies that need to relocate and expand frequently.

Save time and money: It is necessary to have least contact with outsiders during a pandemic. Having structured cabling system installed helps organisations to manage the infrastructure efficiently. It is best to spend upfront in installing quality structured cabling system rather than spending time and money on maintaining it.

Flexibility: Structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility during crisis. It accommodates moves, adds, or changes without much hassle. Also, if you need to move offices or set up employees to work from home, a structured cabling system will help make those moves easy and efficient.

Reliability: During a crisis, structured cabling can be a lifeline for the cybersecurity team and a solid connection between the office and the remote workers. It is important to note that structured cabling systems aren’t temporary but keep on offering similar advantages for years to come.

Durability: Structured cabling not only includes wires for the server or data center but also extends to the building’s wires themselves. From patch panels to Ethernet cables, everything is organised better to be easily maintained and, therefore, increases their reliability and longevity.

Maintenance: Networking professionals feel comfortable while managing the network as it is easy for them to check if there is an issue with the cable connections. For each type of service, the structured cables have unique colors that help network engineers to identify and replace the cables that have an issue. The organised layout of the network cables provides an aesthetic look to the office infrastructure. A Structured cabling network enhances the safety and health of the network cables. There are fewer chances of any hazard or a trip due to the organised layout.

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