What are the Best Practices to be Followed for Network Cabling?

What are the Best Practices to be Followed for Network Cabling?

Network cabling forms the foundation for all communication channels within an organisation. A reliable network cabling system allows organisations to achieve maximum efficiency and increased productivity.

Network cabling installations need expertise for their proper working. The cable installation and management are tasks that require some specialization and prior knowledge.

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Steps to Follow for Effective Network Cabling Installation:

Avoid bundling cables: Placing Ethernet cables over each other should be avoided during the installation process. Bundling of cable will lead to reduced performance and also the risk of damages. While carrying out the installation process the cables should be twisted properly to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Avoid too much of twisting: The Ethernet cables and the fiber optic cables should be separated to avoid crushing of the fiber optic cables. The heavy weight of the Ethernet cables can crush the fiber optic cables. The Ethernet cables should be of good quality having high resistance against bend loss. Avoid extra twists as it can stress the cables and reduce performance. Bending the Ethernet cables beyond bend radius, applying pressure or stapling with the cable ties, and creating tensions in the suspension runs.

Labelling: It always comes in handy in traceability and identification. Therefore, it is necessary to properly label each of the Ethernet cables at the starting and the termination points during the installation process. The Ethernet cables should never be run through pipes and holes as doing so will curtail the addition of cable runs in the future.

Test the cables: Each and every cable should be tested during termination and installation phase. The Ethernet cables should be avoided from direct exposure to the sunlight and condensation. Removing abandoned cables helps in avoiding and increased temperature and blockage of airflow. It helps in increasing the durability of the network system.

Better to use higher category Ethernet cable: It is always better to use higher categories Ethernet cables as they give room for up-gradation to meet application requirements in the future. Horizontal, vertical, and overhead cable managers should be used to place the cables. Avoid leaving the cables on the floor. Using cable spool devices helps to prevent sharp bends and kinks.

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