6 Reasons Structured Cabling is Important for Businesses

6 Reasons Structured Cabling is Important for Businesses

The IT infrastructure of an organisation includes computers, laptops, security systems, servers, and other necessary devices, all connected through a network.

The organised system of hardware and cabling that connects all of these devices is called structured cabling and it is essential to the security, efficiency, and scalability of the business.

A professionally installed structured cabling system offers many benefits, including reliable technology performance.

Structured Cabling Installation Dubai

Advantages of Structured Cabling for Businesses:

Reliability: Structured cabling systems avoid a confusing tangle of wires, eliminating wiring bottlenecks. Any issues will be easier to troubleshoot, and reduce the potential for downtime and latency issues. The latest cabling system allows for higher networking speeds and greater bandwidth. Reliable cabling will save exponential time and money while connecting to various locations.

Less noise: Structured cabling systems are less susceptible to noise from nearby electronic equipment. The CAT6 and CAT6A cables are used in most networks as they provide more noise reduction than other cables. The upgraded cables eliminate static and faulty connections, which slow down the network.

Scalable: Structured cabling allows in the easy addition and removal of devices into the network. It is much easier to add, remove, move, or change technology through the main distribution area. The MDA is a key aspect of structured cabling as it allows to make changes within the network with short patch cords, rather than running long cables from equipment racks.

Faster data transmission: With the increased usage of internet for business transactions, it is necessary to have a reliable cabling system that allows fast transmission of data. Structured cabling allows data to move as fast as possible. CAT6A cables provide up to 10 gigabits per second.

Organised wiring: The well-organised layout of structured cabling allows organisations to manage the network more efficiently. It gives a clean and aesthetic look to the office premises. Identifying of any error is also easy with structured cabling.

Reduced downtime: The organised layout of structured cabling helps to identify errors easily. It allows the network engineers to fix the errors easily. As the wires are laid out logically in advance by an expert cabling professional, any upgrades or changes do not require extensive rewiring work either.

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