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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Structure Cabling Installer

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Structure Cabling Installer

Structured cabling plays an essential role in dealing with the complicated and specific cabling. It is used by organisations big and small for the effective transmission of data, video, multiple voices, and various management systems.

Structured cabling is effective as it provides a place for all moves, adds, and changes to be made with short length patch cords. It includes six sub-systems like entrance facility, equipment room, telecommunication room or enclosure, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, and work area.

Structured cabling is the preferred cabling system as it is well organised and easy to maintain.

Structured Cabling Installations in Dubai

What Should be Considered when Looking for a Structured Cabling Installer?

  • Design: The design of the structure cabling infrastructure is important to achieve maximum efficiency. The structured cables should not be running alongside electrical cables. The electrical cables interfere with the magnetic field data cables need to work properly. Other design issues to look out for in structured cabling include running the cables close to the fluorescent lighting and motors. Making sure the equipment room and entrance facility are well ventilated is crucial to making sure the equipment doesn’t overheat.
  • Hardware: It is best choice to choose quality structured cables to avoid frequent breakdowns and network issues. Using counterfeit or low quality cables can be dangerous and a risk to the safety of the employees. Counterfeit cables frequently violate fire codes and are illegal to have installed. The structured cables should be of good quality to ensure uninterrupted network transmission and also employee safety.
  • Reliable installer: Structured cabling installation requires experience and knowledge of the various infrastructural details to ensure the cables are laid out properly. Choosing a reliable structure cabling installer is necessary to ensure an effective layout of the cabling system. A reliable cable installer has expertise and has complete knowledge of the various methods of installation. They also chart out a proper design to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Durability: Check for the quality and reviews about the cabling system. The structure cabling system once installed needs to be durable for many years. Hence it is necessary to check the quality of the equipment that has a positive feedback.
  • Certification: A reliable structured cabling installer should have a genuine certification. They should have many years of experience in laying out quality structured cabling. Their experience ensures that the contractor stays current on state and local building codes.

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Our technical team of engineers conducts a complete analysis of the premises and brings about the service plan for implementation of the cabling solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.

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