What Makes Structured Cabling the Trend in the Industry?

What Makes Structured Cabling the Trend in the Industry?

The intent of structured cabling and its standards for commercial buildings and between the buildings in campus environments is to inculcate advance design and installations of cabling systems that will in-house the soaring amenities and future services. This effort has been largely successful in providing a lifespan for commercial cabling systems in excess of ten years. Structuring of the cabling system essentially means fragmenting it into smaller components and subsystems to make ends with the specific needs.

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What does structured cabling look like?

The standards of structured cabling system define how to design, build and manage its six key components stated as follows:

1. Entrance facility: It in-houses the protection devices and the demarcation point where the circuit from Telecom Company ends and the private cabling starts.
2. Equipment room: It encompasses main-cross connect (MC), intermediate cross-connects(IC’s) or horizontal cross-connects (HC’s).
3. Backbone cabling: Typically fiber optic or twisted pair or coaxial cables are used to form skeletal network across all the key components of the cabling system.
4. Telecommunication closet: It contains the hardware required to connect the horizontal cable runs from each work area to the patch panels and hubs.
5. Horizontal Cabling: It is used to connect a floor’s wiring closet to wall plates in the work areas to provide local area network (LAN) drops for connecting to work area.
6. Work Area: In the work area, the user’s equipment like computers, telephones, fax machines, data terminals, and modems and telecommunications equipment like patch cables, modular cords, fiber jumpers, and adapters connect to the structured-cabling infrastructure.

Structured Cabling Solutions behoves to be a decisive factor for networking in Enterprises:

1. Skillful Organization: It assigns a proper blue print with varied component lists which not only aids in troubleshooting but also ensures a highly reliable and cost effective network.
2. Enhanced Flexibility: Structured cabling facilitates a flexible network which can be easily manipulated for the changing needs, growing amenities and soaring technology within the infrastructure.
3. High speed networks: With the upgrade of faster and continuous transmission of data, advancing internet protocols (IPs) and its associated security grids and high speed browsing fuel the need for dynamic cabling network.
4. Security: There’s no more ardent security than the hard wired cabling network offering surveillance systems to monitor each data transfer and browsing history.
5. Aesthetics: First impression being the last impression, not to underestimate the looks of the enterprise’s infrastructure. A structured cabling system will look much cleaner than a point-to-point method.
6. MDA: The Main distribution Area is the key aspect of structured cabling. Since the changes are done in the MDA versus at the hardware, the hardware can be cabled up and not touched in most instances. This is where all the MAC’s (Moves, Adds, and Changes) can be made with short length patch cords.

To be simple, a network is the base of an enterprise as it holds the capacity to connect undefined connections between computers or an infrastructure. Techno Edge Systems being the leading Structured Cabling Installation Service providers in Dubai, UAE with several years of experience and the most experienced manpower visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for one stop solution.


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