What are the Key Features to Look for in Structure Cabling Design?

What are the Key Features to Look for in Structure Cabling Design?

Having a reliable structured cabling installation is necessary for most businesses and organisations, whether it is for a new space or an already existing infrastructure that needs an upgrade.

However, it is a daunting task for most businesses as the installation process involves many components, the safety hazards involved, and the final impact of the structure cabling design on overall business. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to work with a professional.

Taking the right decision about the installation and having good knowledge of the overall design helps in getting the appropriate structure cabling installation for effective use.

Structured Cabling installation in Dubai

Structured cabling design process

*  The structured cabling design process follows a few steps to achieve maximum efficiency.

*  A reliable installation provider first makes a survey of the site, evaluates the cabling needs and the physical location.

*  They come up with a feasible design that is reliable and also durable. The major issues encountered while installing the structured cable are the walls, piping and workstations.

*  During design the location of the cabling, racks, equipment and other aspects of the system will be laid out and then evaluated to make sure it meets the appropriate standards.

The basic factors to look for while installing the Structure cabling involves:

*  The structure cabling should be in line with the industry standards.

*  The structure cabling should be designed in such a way that it should support multiple services, including telecommunications, video, networks, and other necessary business services.

*  It should support an optimized performance.

*  The cables, connectors, and equipment should display high-performance and backed by manufacturer warranty.

*  The structured cabling system is installed to be accessible for future needs. The process needs time and proper management to suit every individual need and avoid any major risks.

*  The design of the structured cabling should be implemented to allow easy updates to existing systems without seriously affecting functionality.

*  The structure of the cabling system must clearly distinguish functional subsystems. The maximum distance of horizontal wiring must not exceed 90m, in order to avoid signal distortion.

Techno Edge Systems LLC is the leading provider of quality Structured Cabling installation in Dubai. We provide reliable structured cabling installations for small, medium, and large organisations across Dubai.

Our expert engineers first try to understand the network needs for your organisation and inspect the premises for proper planning and layout.

Our engineers visit the site and get a detailed description of the existing infrastructure, cable routes, installation points and see if any existing infrastructure can be used to save costs.

We install the structured cables such that they are scalable and provide scope for future expansions. While laying out the structured cables we ensure less electromagnetic interference and low chances of error.

Before handing over, we test the network, structured cabling functionality of all the installed devices.

We provide 24×7 support and maintenance services for structured cabling installations.

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