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Here Are The Types of Structured Cabling That Use for Security Systems

Here Are The Types of Structured Cabling That Use for Security Systems

If you are staying in an advanced city like Dubai, installing a security system makes sense. But, fortunately, the installing will be relatively inexpensive, as the Structured Cabling Dubai is cheaper in comparison to most of the world. For the smooth functioning of the security system, you need to know each of the security cables in great detail.


Structured Cabling Dubai

CCTV cables carry the video signal and power from the camera to the NVR-

Here is a list of Structured Cables used in CCTV:-

Coaxial Cables:

These cables are found in comparatively older devices. Fiber and wire are the main components of coaxial cables. Braids are revolved around the wire. These wares are extremely durable. They can carry video signals to distant places without losing quality.

Video Power Cables:

These cables are meant for especially CCTV systems. They carry video signals to the DVR from the camera. The cable does not transmit the DC power. A video power cable is very easy to use, and they are inexpensive in nature. But, on the other hand, the video quality is greatly compromised in the video power cable.

Siamese Cables:

In this case, two separate wires are fused together. One of the wires carries the video signal to the DVR, and the other one supplies the power. The cable is compatible with any kind of CCTV camera.

Cat 5 And Cat 6 Cables:

Cat 5 cables are extremely popular in IP cameras. But, on the other hand, the E variant of the cable, Cat5E, is specially upgraded for CCTV. They can carry the data for long distances at a great speed. They can carry the data to as many as 3000 feet with a maximum speed of 1000 Mbps. The interference is significantly less; therefore, the users can get higher quality data.

The Cat6 version is the upgraded version of its predecessor. The upgrade results in faster data transfer. They are compatible with the Cat5E ports.

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