4 Essential Data Cabling Tricks and Tips

4 Essential Data Cabling Tricks and Tips

Data cabling is the network of cables that allows connecting two or more network devices. Data cabling provides an organised network cabling system within the organisation to connect two network devices such as security cameras, customer Wi-Fi networks, audio/video systems, etc.

The network infrastructure within the organisation is the most vital part to keep the devices well connected and work without any interruptions.
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Essential tips to follow for an organised Data Cabling system:-

Comms Box: It is important to have a secure and spacious cabinet for placing the Wi-Fi router, broadband modem, switches, and any other network equipment used for the network layout. A Comms box should be accessed to only the right people to avoid mishandling or tampering with the cables.

Patch Panels: These are small patches placed behind the Comms box for connecting the terminal cables. It is necessary to have a small patch panel even for a small network cabling system as it is easy to connect network cables in and out. The panels must be clearly marked for easy identification of where the cables behind the panel run to.

Cabling: The network devices need to be connected back to the patch panels in the cabinet through a cable, where it is clearly marked. Each network device should be connected to a location with two cables as a backup measure. If one cable gets damaged the other cable works as a standby. For efficiency and durability, it is necessary to use the highest spec cable.   

Network cables: The cables are terminated to the network points, which are fitted to the wall near the area where the network is needed. It is important to terminate the cables to a network point that will run back to the patch panel.

Data cabling is necessary within organisations for the proper management of the network cables. Network devices cannot communicate with one another, connect to the internet, or access the database without a data cabling system.

Data cabling helps in easy network management, saves office space, provides an aesthetic look to the office premises, and offers uninterrupted connectivity.

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