Fiber Cable Rack Management in Dubai

Big data centers take proper concern for managing their fiber cables, which are responsible for data transmission. The tangled and scattered wires are difficult to maintain. Some owners do neglect cable management, which leads to damage and inaccurate performance. Fiber cable rack management is efficient in giving out clean entry and safe exit to each cable. Techno Edge Systems L.L.C is known for supplying the best service in the arena of cable rack management.


Factors you must consider before choosing a cable manager:

There are two types of cable manager available Vertical and Horizontal. Both have different functionality as per your needs. Certain factors will help you distinguish and choose an optimum fiber optic cable rack management. The factors are:

• Cable Managing Environment

If you own a big enterprise that deals in data transmission, then you must try combining both vertical and horizontal rack for your server room. It will help you to manage the cabinet of cables efficiently. If you own a small enterprise, then just the horizontal cable rack management will do the job.

• Specification of the rack

The racks for server cabinets are usually 19-inch wide, and the depth is usually flexible. The heights of the rack are categorized in rack units such as 1U (1U=1.75 inches) or 2U and so on. These rack units determine the different designs and sizes of rack managers. You need to check for your requirement and purchase the right size. If you need high fiber optic cable management, then you can use finger brackets. They can bend and be stacked to cover more heights.

Add-ons that make a cable manager more efficient

• You can use a horizontal type cable manager along with a brush strip to control overheating of the equipment.
• You can use the horizontal type cable manager along with a finger duct to protect fragile fibers from any damage.
• Use cable manager who has D-rings to allow flexibility in routing massive cords. It uses steel for durability and strength.
• The radius finger has a different application with the cable manager types. When you add radius finger with vertical type, then it gives ultra-high cable capacity. When you add it with horizontal type, then it provides deep cable capacity.

Cable rack management is an essential technique of today for the growing data centers. The companies that provide fiber cable rack management in Dubai claims to give the best quality product and service globally. If you are willing to know more about the service and its benefits, then contact on 24/7 support number Tel: +971-54-7914851.

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