Why is Transmission in Fiber Optic Cables faster than Copper Cables?

Why is Transmission in Fiber Optic Cables faster than Copper Cables?

Speed and reliability are the two key factors that decide the quality of a network. It is essential for a good network cable to provide optimized speed and an uninterrupted connectivity.

A fiber optic cabling system is the most trusted name for speed and reliable transmission of data.

The fiber optic cable is made of thin strands of glass and polymer embedded inside a rubber insulation.

These glass and polymer strands use light signals to transfer information to the core which then delivers the information to the target device or network.

Light travels faster and this allows fiber optics to transmit data faster than a copper cable.
Fiber Optic Cabling Installations in Dubai

Factors that boost the data transmission through fiber optic cables:

Fiber optic cables are immune to adverse weather conditions. The synthetic components do not degrade and do not experience interference due to the weather. This creates a faster, more reliable connection that is just as fast after years of use as it was the first day it was installed.

Fiber optic cables are durable due to their complex entwinement of glass and polymer. These connective fibers are much harder to break or kink. They work efficiently even when submerged in water.

Fiber Optic cables provide higher bandwidth utilization capacity when compared to copper cables. A single-mode fiber optic cable is able to transmit data to longer distances while multi-mode fiber optic cable is used for shorter distance communication.

They are considered as highly secure mode of transmission as they are less affected by tapping, radiofrequency, and jamming.

Fiber optic cables have very low attenuation and a very little data loss, even over long distances, because light travels through the fiber without experiencing attenuation or loss of intensity over time.

Fiber optic cables will not have any electrical interference because different cables don’t pick up environment noise, fiber optic cables are not affected by electrical interference. This makes them valuable in locations where high voltage or lightening is often present. Also, fiber optic cables do not require any electricity and are therefore, less prone to fire accidents.

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