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Why is Special Planning of IT Cabling Essential for Businesses in Dubai?

Why is Special Planning of IT Cabling Essential for Businesses in Dubai?

A checklist for your IT cabling requirements…

Today is the generation of digitalism where the businesses literally thrive on IT cabling infrastructure. There was a time when one size used to fit all. Meaning, the electrical cables have dictated the placement of network access points until now which resulted in poor Wi-Fi signals and connectivity issues. However, things have changed and the latest business requirements demand in-depth planning for IT cabling installations.

We at Techno Edge Systems provide well-planned, specialized IT cabling installations in Dubai, meeting the standard regulations and norms for optimum results.

IT cabling installations in Dubai

5 Essential requirements for Ideal IT cabling installations for your business

With the offices relying on the high-speed internet connections even to perform their day to day activities which could include anything ranging from business calls to video conferencing to video streaming, the data center has become the bloodline for the organizations. The existing demands for the high-speed internet connectivity and the flexibility to augment are such that, a proper well laid-out plan for IT cabling installations, is on the top of their priority list for any business.

Listed below are the five crucial factors that dictate the need for special planning for IT cabling in Dubai:

Meeting Long-term requirement

First and foremost, the IT cabling service provider should be mindful of the long-term business expansion demands. The IT cabling infrastructure should be planned in such a way that the data center should be able to accommodate scalability.

If the scalability factor is not taken into account at the planning stage, then the network slowdown issues may arise as the business grows. And, this might adversely affect the overall business performance.

Meeting Budgetary Constraints

Every business has a budget allocated to set up a data center. It should not be such that the allocated budget is minimal towards setting up the data center.

Meeting high network traffic requirement

With more and more devices connected to the network, the IT cabling in the data center should be able to anticipate the high network traffic demands.

Meeting the signal strength required to enable Wi-Fi connectivity

There has been a drastic change in the past seven years where the use of wireless devices has grown exponentially. Earlier, a reserved place for Wi-Fi connection was enough to tap the need; however, that is not the case anymore. Of late, the businesses need the Wi-Fi signal strength in every corner of the room. For optimum Wi-Fi signal strength, the wireless access points should be deployed at strategic locations that enable maximum signal strength. For this to happen, proper planning for data cabling installation is utmost important.

Meeting the standard regulations and norms

Compliance to network and telecom standards is utmost important to avoid unwarranted events. Being complacent in meeting the standard norms might result in issues like tripping hazards, low-quality network, not to mention legal trouble. Hence, the IT cabling service provider should take the locally applicable standards seriously while planning the data cabling installations.

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