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Why is Data Cabling a One-Stop Solution for all Cabling Needs?

Why is Data Cabling a One-Stop Solution for all Cabling Needs?

We are a network cabling company in Dubai who employ the latest cabling installation techniques for long term solutions.

The experts in the network cabling field believe that the connectivity issues which usually seem to arise in the networks as not really network issues. The improper use of network cables and the substandard infrastructure are the main reasons behind the connectivity issues. While there is always an ongoing debate between the traditional and the latest network cabling installation methods, data cables seem to be an effective solution to meet all the network cabling needs.

Network Cabling Companies in Dubai

Techno Edge Systems is one of the top Network Cabling Companies in Dubai which incorporate the latest network cabling techniques for best results. We avoid the common cabling mistakes which the techs without appropriate knowledge commit for high-speed, noise-free, network cabling installation.

Why using the same type of cable for voice and data a better option?

Traditionally, the technicians have been using different cables for telephone, internet or for any other network at home or businesses. The reasons could be many; being lazy to make an effort to integrate the voice and data networks or it could be for cost-cutting though it is hardly cost-effective.

Nevertheless, the point is, using either the telephone cables for both voice and data in case of domestic networks OR making use of the Ethernet cables for both data and voice for the industry level applications are sensible options.
Using the same cable for voice and data also helps in easy maintenance in the long run.

Why data cables are a better option to meet both voice and data needs in a network?

With the increasing use of technology like VoIP and the voice being mostly used as a data service, making use of the data cables make more sense. Moreover, the telephone lines are more accommodating in nature and hence the entire focus has shifted to the data cables and the traditional telephone network affected in the process.

Benefits of using data cables by most Network Cabling Companies in Dubai

• Data cables like the Ethernet cables offer high transmission speeds. They offer the transmission speeds up to 10 Mbps. Therefore, the data cables allow you to operate your business with better efficiency.
• Instead of mixing various types of cables in multiple systems, using the same type of cable helps in avoiding confusion; saves time and effort. And, data cables are a superior choice compared to the traditional telephone cables.
• Though Ethernet cables are expensive than the traditional telephone cables, setting up a single network is far better an alternative than running separate cables for telephone and data.

For cabling installations from a reliable network cabling company in Dubai, contact Techno Edge Systems at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for more information.


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