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Why Businesses Prefer Structured Cabling in Dubai Than Conventional Cabling System?

Why Businesses Prefer Structured Cabling in Dubai Than Conventional Cabling System?

Advantages of structured cabling installations in Dubai

The traditional network cabling system is the network infrastructure where the mass of wires is used to connect to the devices directly. Moreover, with the integration of the voice and data network along with the other management systems like the security, safety alarms, and the energy systems, the conventional cabling systems have become even more complicated. This is where the structured cabling installations propose to be an ideal network infrastructure. At Techno Edge Systems, we offer Structured Cabling in Dubai for scalable, spruced, organized, and versatile network infrastructure for your business.

Structure Cabling in Dubai

How can businesses benefit from structured cabling installations in Dubai over traditional network infrastructure?

The structured cabling is a more standardized cabling infrastructure which is well-planned for future needs and binds all the modern devices together on a single platform. In short, the structured cabling is an organized network which is robust, scalable, and most importantly organized to the core.

With the latest technologies like the IoT (Internet of Things), BYOD (Bring your own devices) being brought to the platter, the cabling needs have increased drastically. Wiring and cabling are required more than ever which the conventional cabling system cannot handle. This is where the structured cabling installations offer to be the ideal solution to meet all the requirements.

• The older cabling system is often too long as they are directly connected to the devices. Hence with any change in the placement of devices, the entire network will have to be disturbed. The structured cabling installations are made at a data center which not just improve the aesthetics, but also is simple, efficient and more reliable.
• The structured cabling is much easier and uncomplicated to install. Moreover, well-planned structured cabling installations easily accommodate changes and upgrades.
• With the traditional cabling infrastructure, the scalability is limited and the businesses have to rip down the entire network and reinstall for accommodating the business expansion. In contrast, the structured cabling offers a wider range of scalability and with proper planning, it need not be disturbed for more than a decade.
• The network downtime issues can be fixed within the shortest possible time due to its organized infrastructure. The conventional cabling, on the other hand, is a tangled mass of wires making it next to impossible to fix the issues especially if there are too many devices in the network.

While there are point-to-point networking and Software Defined Network (SDN) models, the one infrastructure that has lured most of the businesses is the structured cabling in Dubai.

For structured cabling installations in Dubai, contact Techno Edge Systems at +971-50-8740112 or visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for more information.


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