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What is the Maximum Distance a Fiber Optic Cable can Transmit Data?

What is the Maximum Distance a Fiber Optic Cable can Transmit Data?

Fiber optic cables are used for long distance data transmission. While laying the cabling network it is necessary to know the maximum distance the cables can be extended for effective transmission of data.

Every type of cable has a maximum distance. These distance limits can vary greatly from one type of cable to the next. Along with determining whether a cable will work, distance limits will also determine how well a cable works.

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Factors affecting the maximum distance of a fiber optic cable

Cables will always have some sort of “maximum signal” rating, depending on the type of the cable. For Ethernet cables, it will be maximum upload/download speed. For HDMI, it will be the maximum resolution of the video.

These ratings are the best possible rating the cable is capable of under theoretical, perfect conditions. Another key factor for signal quality is the distance of the cable. The further the signal has to travel, the more it will degrade by the time it gets from Point A to Point B.

When using cables with two different ends, the distance limit will be subject to whichever type of connector has a shorter maximum distance.

Factors such as electromagnetic interference or radio wave interference can also come into play. If the cable is run near electrical cords or in an area near something like a radio tower, these issues can be mitigated by using shielded cables.

Ethernet cables have a maximum distance of 100 meters. It should be noted that Cat7 cable has harsher distance limits than Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 gets advertised for its 100 Gbps speed, but that will work for distances up to 15 meters.

Passive (standard) USB cables have a maximum length of 15’. This limit can be overcome by using active USB extension cables. The active cables contain a microchip repeater that bypasses the normal 15’ limit of passive cables.

A single-mode fiber optic can run for many kilometres before it stops working. Unless the cable is being laid long-distance for a telecom company, distance limits should never be an issue for single-mode fiber.

The multi-mode fiber optic cable offers different data transmission speeds for different distances.

1.OM1 is the basic version of multi-mode cable, being able to maintain 1GB data speeds for up to 300 meters.

2. OM2 has the same data transmission speed as OM1 but doubles its maximum length for 600 meters total.

3. OM3 has the same 300-meter distance limit as OM1 but is also capable of transmitting data ten times faster at 10GB.

4. OM4 carries a 10GB up to 550 meters, providing a distance upgrade to OM3 (similar to how OM2 has the same speed but a greater maximum length than OM1).

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