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What is Network Cabling & Its Popular Types?

What is Network Cabling & Its Popular Types?

Network cabling Dubai offers you with the best cables for commercial purpose. The best thing about the network cabling is that it offers you with the medium through which you could usually move the information from one network device to another device. In the market, you will be able to find numbers of network cabling that works effectively with LANs. Most of the telecommunication business is using network cabling as it helps the telecommunication business to reach their customer easily and quickly. The main purpose of the network cabling is to develop a successful network.


Network Cabling Dubai

Five popular types of Network Cabling:

Network CABLING Dubai includes the poplar types of cables that help to create a more efficient and effective network. Some of the popular types of network cabling are:-

• Fiber Optic Cabling

The Fiber Optic Cabling or the optical-fiber cable is similar to the electrical cables. This cabling network is designed for providing long-distance, telecommunication, and high-performance data networking.

• Wireless LANs

It is the wireless computer network that is used effectively to links two or more networks within a certain diameter. Mostly the school, colleges, computer laboratory, office premises use the wireless LANs cabling for maintaining the proper communication within the premises.

• Unshielded Twisted pair cable

The unshielded twisted pair cabling is the type of wiring. In this type of wiring, you will be able to find two conductors of a single circuit that are twisted together for producing better networking medium for communication.

• Shielded Twisted Pair Cable

The shielded twisted pair cabling is the special type of wiring that is used for some business installation. It is similar to the unshielded twisted pair cabling. But the only difference is that it contains some extra foil wrapping that provides a shield to the wiring.

• Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cabling is the type of cabling that mostly used by the cable operators and cable companies. With the help of Coaxial Cabling, you could easily convey data, video, voice messages to the other networks easily and quickly.
Above mentioned are some of the popular types of network cabling that are quality one and offers the extremely high-speed cable. You could use the network cabling for various purposes like for voice calls, local talk & telephone, gigabit Ethernet, token rings, etc. From years Network cabling has been popular because of its beneficial use. If you want to know more about Network Cabling Dubai, then visit the particular website: www.structurecabling.ae & Techno Edge Systems LLC.


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