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What are the Key components of the Structured Cabling Systems

What are the key components of the Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling System builds a comprehensive deployment of cables and wires of the network infrastructure connecting data, voice, video, telecommunications, security access, alarms, etc. for any organization or business.
The components that are used to build candid network infrastructure are based on various standards. In this article, we let you know the main six components that most of the businesses use to create their network cabling system.


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Following are the six parts of the structured cabling systems:

Entrance Area: Entrance area is a facilitator connecting substances of the telecommunication service systems outside the organization to the inside network cabling of the business. It connects the hardware equipment, cables, wires & demarcation points of the private network.

Equipment Room: The space holder for all the wiring, cabling, telecommunication equipment, switches, and more. It is an in-house area for all the servers, terminations, & cross-connections of the telecommunications system that builds an effective structure cabling.

Telecommunications Closet: This is a room centralized to equip telecommunication equipment like servers, switches, cross-connections, terminations, mainframe distribution circuits, and few other complex connections. It is built based on the work area. At least one telecommunication closet is preferable in a building.

Backbone Cabling: Backbone Cabling connects all the cabling together. It houses with telecommunication closet, entrance area, equipment room, work area, and access provider or private network spaces. Backbone cabling combines cabling and wiring connections between two or more buildings, floor to floor, and the respective area.

Horizontal Cabling: This horizontal cabling procures an extension of wiring from the work area outlets to horizontal cross-connections in the telecommunication room. It includes the jumpers, cable terminations, cross/intermediate-connections, patch-cords, and telecommunication closet. Most of the horizontal cabling is placed under the roof or below the floor of the building.

Work Area: Work area includes great stationery like Computers, telephones, terminals, Internet cables, adapters, patch & fiber cables, etc. It binds horizontal cabling, telecommunication equipment, and respective communication outlets to the end-user equipment.

Having a speculative and reliable network cabling helps in business growth. Of course, it’s the best communication system and also the backbone of the organization. We, being the reputed Structured Cabling systems service provider in Dubai, have delivered versatile network cabling to many well-known organizations.

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