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What are the Five Simple Rules for Installing the Fiber Optic Cables?

What are the Five Simple Rules for Installing the Fiber Optic Cables?

Fiber-optic cable installations, with some foresight and care, can be done in such a way as to secure maximum cable performance.

The most important aspects of fiber optic installation from a practical standpoint are general guidelines for installation in the building spaces most commonly associated with premises wiring-horizontal runs, runs above ceilings and below floors, runs in cable trays, riser runs-and specific procedural hints that apply to most or all optical-fiber cable pulls-jacket removal, handling core components, fiber stripping and using breakout kits.

Fiber Optic Cabling Installations in Dubai

Rules to Follow for Fiber Optic Cable Installation:

Avoid end face contamination

The tip of the fiber connector, where the fiber optic glass actually protrudes is the most common area for damage to occur. Leave the protective caps on until you are ready to plug it into the equipment. Prior to plugging it in, inspect the end face, clean and repeat if necessary.

Don’t bend or kink fiber cables

The fiber optic glass underneath the jacket performs best when it is running straight. In reality, however, the cables need to bend in many different directions in order to go from source to destination. There is a term called “bend radius” and each brand of fiber optic cables will have a different measurement to follow.

Don’t pull too hard on the cable

If the cable is too short, don’t try to stretch it! It may seem pretty obvious, but pulling will probably lead to a break in the fiber optic cable or connector. Don not crush the cable and avoid any impacts on it.

Don’t mix and match core sizes

Most fiber optic cables have color coded jackets to make it easy to avoid this problem. Secure cables in all installations. Do not let them run free over ceilings or under floors. Plan all cable routes before beginning, ensuring the cable will not be unnecessarily exposed to hazards.

Do not pinch the fiber

Pinching the fiber optic cable can squeeze the glass and ruin performance. Don’t use zip-ties, use Velcro. Optical fiber cable should not rest on sharp edges, and must be swept around corners. Monitor tensile loading during pulls, and avoid pulling long lengths in one direction. Plan to install extra cable protection in high-risk areas.

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