What are the Features of Data Cabling?

What are the Features of Data Cabling?

Data cabling and network infrastructure is the most important part of the network and it is vital that it is laid out right in the initial stages.

Along with any network devices that need to be operated, such as security cameras, customer Wi-Fi networks, audio/video systems, etc. it is crucial to consider the POS when installing data cabling.

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Common features of Data Cabling:

CommsBox: The CommsBox. is a cabinet where the broadband modem, router, switches, and any other network equipment is housed. It should have restricted access and only authorised people should access it.

Patch Panels: It is placed inside the CommsBox. All the network cables that run throughout the infrastructure and come into the patch panel. The cables are terminated to the back of the patch panels so that it is easy to connect network cables in and out. Patch panels eliminate the risk of loose wires hanging and posing a danger to the entire network.

Cabling: All the network devices need to be connected by cable back to the Comms cabinet, specifically back to the patch panels within the Comms cabinet that should be clearly marked. While laying out the cables it is necessary to run two cables to each location, each one terminated to a wall plate. It helps to act as a backup when one of the cables gets damaged. It is recommended to always use the highest spec cable possible.

Network Points: The cables are terminated to network points, fitted to the wall close to the area where the network points are needed. It is essential to terminate the cables to a network point. These will run directly to the patch panel and should be clearly marked.

Data cabling is an essential part of the network infrastructure to connect two devices. The printers and terminal won’t be able to communicate with each other, connect to the internet, or access the database without Data cables.

Data cabling allows free and uninterrupted network connectivity and is not affected by walls, distance, interference from other sources, or competing Wi-Fi networks.

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