What are the Components of Structure Cabling?

What are the Components of Structure Cabling?

Structured cabling forms the backbone of the network infrastructure of any organisation. A well-laid out structure cabling installation offers seamless network connectivity.

Structured cabling is preferred by most organisations due to its organised layout and hassle-free management.

The organised layout of structured cabling offers an aesthetic look to the office premises and allows in the ease of identification of errors within the network.

Structured cabling is easy to maintain and reduces the overall downtime thereby increasing the productivity.

Structured Cabling in Dubai

The structured cabling installation for every organisation is different. It depends on the

* Building architecture

* Cable and connection ports

* Customer needs

* Function of systems

* Types of equipment the cabling installation currently supports as well as for the future

* Configuration of the current installed system

Basic Components of Structure Cabling:

Entrance facility: An entrance facility supports the transition of external cables into cabling approved for interiors of the building construction. This is where the SP (Service Provider) terminates, and the NID (Network Interface Device) begins. Its location depends on the type of facility, the route of the outside cabling, building architecture, and aesthetic considerations.

Backbone cabling: The function of backbone cabling is to provide interconnections between entrance facilities, telecommunications closets, and equipment rooms within the structure of a telecommunications cabling system.

Equipment room: The area where entrance cabling connects to the internal building wiring infrastructure is the equipment room. It houses patch panels that provide connections for backbone cabling, horizontal cabling and intermediate cabling. As this room may also house network switches, PBXs, servers and other devices, it should be environmentally controlled to ensure that temperature and relative humidity levels are maintained according to equipment vendor specifications.

Telecommunication room: This environmentally controlled area can be a dedicated room or part of another larger room such as general utility room.

Horizontal cabling: Horizontal cabling allows getting telecom resources to users at their work areas or other rooms on a floor. It includes the cable, connectors, patch panels, jumpers and patch cords in the TR/TE.

Work Area: The area from a connector, or jack, in a wall outlet to a user device using a cable is considered the WA. It’s the final destination of a structured cable system.

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