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What are the 10 things to consider for structure cabling at your facility?

What are the 10 things to Consider for Structure Cabling at your Facility?

Structured cabling installation lays a strong foundation for the network system within an organisation.

A well-laid out structured cabling system offers seamless connectivity and efficient management of the networks.

While relocating or expansion of an organisation it is imperative to consider a few things related to the cabling infrastructure of an organisation.

The voice and data cabling of an organisation is an integral part of a business. Before choosing a reliable cabling system a few necessary factors need to be considered.

Structured Cabling Installations in Dubai

Factors to Consider Before Cabling the Facility:

Contact the service provider: Approaching the service provider for scheduling the move of voice and data connections in advance helps speed up the process. If you know the details of your new address, it is best to share them with your service provider to ensure that the cables are moved and laid out on time.

Prepare an outline: A copy of the outline of where the voice and data cables will terminate helps to lay the cables with efficiency. Getting the structured cabling installed by a reliable service provider enables the terminations to be mapped out easily. Mapping the cabling infrastructure in advance is key to a smooth installation.

Network room: Choosing a network wiring room of the right size ensures the racks are not piled up and the cables are terminated properly without being messy. Choose a room that has enough room to add at least one additional rack or cabinet in the future. Make enough space in the wiring room for ease of maintenance of the racks. It will reduce the risk of messy wires and possible damage to the wires.

Choose a reliable cable: Choosing quality cables and the right kind of cables ensure the network connectivity is smooth and uninterrupted. A Cat 5e cable and Cat 6 cables are the most preferred. Cat 6 cables give added future-proofing as data transmission continues to evolve.

Wi-Fi: A detailed Wi-Fi survey of the location enables the deployment of the right cabling system.

Closet organising: Choosing a closet that best fits the wiring needs helps to maintain an organised cabling system.

Cored wiring: The cable pathways and floor coring are necessary to ensure a safe transition of data and voice cabling.

Cool atmosphere: Keeping the network room cool is important for the efficient working of the cables.

Future-ready: The cabling system should be planned to accommodate for any future upgrades.

Smooth move: Choosing a reliable structure cabling provider helps to get quality cables and trustworthy services. It ensures to have smooth and uninterrupted cabling network within the organisation.

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