What are Network Cable Installation Guidelines?

What are Network Cable Installation Guidelines?

Network cabling enables the smooth transmission of data and voice signals throughout the network.

They are the most preferred cabling system due to their organized structure, high scalability, flexibility, and easy resolution of any issues.

It is necessary to understand cable construction, characteristics, and ratings to understand the working of the cable systems.

The key factors to consider before choosing a network cabling systems include the service conditions, type of load served, mode of operation and maintenance, and the like.

Network Cabling Installations in Dubai

Essential Factors to Consider for Network Cable Installation:

Cable installation: Cables can be used for outdoor or indoor installations depending upon the distribution system and the load served. A good understanding of local conditions, installation crews, and maintenance personnel is essential to assure that the selected cable system will operate satisfactorily. Designs of conduit systems not only should minimize he number of conduit bends and distance between manholes but should specify the pulling tensions.

Cable construction: Selection and application of cable involves the type of cable construction needed for a particular installation. Cable construction involves conductors, cable arrangement, and insulation, and finish covering. Shielded single conductors carry high shield currents, and consideration must be given to preventing overheating of the cable.

Cable operation: The insulation of the cable must be able to withstand the voltage stresses experienced during normal and abnormal operating conditions. Therefore, the selection of the cable insulation should be made on the basis of the applicable phase-to-phase voltage and the general system category which are classified into 133%, 100%, or 173% insulation levels.

Cable size: The selection of the cable size is based on the following factors:

  1. Current carrying capacity
  2. Voltage regulation
  3. Short circuit rating

Overlooking voltage regulation and short circuit can result in danger to property and personnel, as well as destruction of the cable itself.

Shielding: In selecting and applying cables at medium voltage, a major consideration involves whether the cable should be shielded or non-shielded. Shielding of the cable is necessary in the following conditions:

  1. Damp conduits
  2. Connection to aerial wires
  3. Transition from a conducting to a non-conducting environment
  4. Dry soil
  5. Dirty environment containing soot, salt, and other contaminants
  6. Places where safety to personnel is required’
  7. Where the radio interference is expected

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