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Structured Cabling Solutions for Your Enterprise

Structured Cabling Solutions for Your Enterprise

Cabling installation is far more important than any other infrastructure for an organization. With a robust designing and proper installation of cabling, networks enable an organization to achieve maximum results. Techno Edge Systems are the market leaders in providing proper Structured Cabling Dubai.

Whether your company is a start-up or a reputed organization, we have tailor-made solutions for all your cabling requirements. Techno Edge Systems is a one-stop-shop as we offer a whole range of data, voice, and network designing, installation, and cabling maintenance services in Dubai.


Structured Cabling in Dubai

Uses of Structured cabling Installations:

• Audiovisual Needs: Staff of an organization work at remote places away from the workplace. Conference calls are the best way to keep connected with one another. Structured cabling can support streaming audiovisual calls within a room or away.
• Network Upgrades: Want a lightning-fast speed network? Then upgrade to fiber-optic cables which are much faster and reliable at sending data signals.
• Datacenter Management: Structured Cabling system supports your organization’s data center by providing the right kind of layout.

Our Structured Cabling Services include :

• Designing of Cabling Networks
• Installation of Cables
• Redesigning of existing cabling system
• Cabling Network Upgradation
• Cabling Network consultation
• Testing and documentation
• Maintenance of Cabling systems.
• And much more

We establish the connections your business needs to operate in Dubai:

• At Techno Edge Systems we see structured data cabling as a form of literal communications backbone. We know that Proper use of copper and fiber optic connectivity is important for Voice phones, data, computer networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, and much more which enhances the smooth running of the organization.
• We use certified cables to ensure that installed cables work in accordance with the product specifications. We deal with quality manufacturers for cable supplies which come with a warranty against product defects.
• Our site engineers are certified to design, plan, and execute the wiring structure properly to meet your current and future needs. Our technicians can make custom-designed cabling networks for your organization.

Commonly Used Cables :

Techno Edge Systems use properly certified cables that are long-lasting and avoid any unwanted accidents. The most commonly used cables are:

• Fiber Optic Cables: The optical fibers are made of silica or plastic and are coated with many layers of plastic inside. They resemble electric cables but are designed to transmit signals and images in the organization. They are mainly used for long-distance telecommunications and for high-speed network connectivity.
• Twisted-pair Cables: Twisted pair cables are mainly used among houses and small businesses and come in two varieties shielded and unshielded pair cables.
• Coaxial Cables: Coaxial cables are used for transmitting high-frequency signals among the organizations. They help in connecting cable televisions, telephones, Broadbands, and more.

Visit our website www.structurecabling.ae for structured cabling installation services in Dubai for your business.


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