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Organised Structured Cabling for Effective Administration

Organised Structured Cabling for Effective Administration

Structured cabling is an important aspect for the smooth functioning of various devices of an organisation. A network cabling system that is planned with less complexity keeps all the PCs, phones and other devices used within the business together providing a versatile solution to the all the communication devices.

A structured cabling network ensures less maintenance, more reliability and cost effective.

Structured cabling follows a set of standards which defines network connectivity of data centers, server, offices and enterprise organization with reference to communication.

The cabling varies depending on the

  1. Structure of building
  2. Cable and Connection products
  3. Function of cabling installation
  4. Types of devices the cabling will handle which includes future inclusions as well
  5. Customer requirements

Structured Cabling installation Dubai

Benefits of Structured Cabling

  1. When you are installing structured cabling you are making you infrastructure scalable.
  2. Structured cabling systems can provide the right kind of layout for your organisation.
  3. With structured cabling it is easier to assemble or disassemble your network system while relocating to new premises.
  4. Structured cabling enables hassle free handling of the network design of an organisation. It becomes easier even for a new comer to make extensions or changes in the already set network.
  5. Structured cabling makes it easier to adapt to the new technological advancements.
  6. Structured cabling is cost effective as there is no need to change the complete infrastructure while going for an up gradation.
  7. Low downtime while going for new inclusions or making any changes in the network helps in saving and valuable work time.
  8. As structured cabling is standardized you can always be open to any technological changes required in your organisation.

Our structured cabling services in Dubai include

    • Twisted pair cabling
    • Fiber optic cabling

Our twisted pair cabling is the most preferred across various industry landscapes in Dubai.

Our structured cabling solutions are reliable for

  1. Sensor driven technologies
  2. Wireless networks
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Audio/visual systems.

We are most preferred in Dubai as:

  1. Our structured cabling Installation Dubai help businesses to manage an uninterrupted network through various devices.
  2. With an in house technical team we are the preferred choice of any organisation in Dubai opting for structured cabling.
  3. Our team are experts in both twisted cable and fiber optic cabling. Our team first analyses the geography of your premises and implements the best cost effective plan for laying out the network.
  4. Maintaining quality standards in providing the best network accessories has been our uniqueness.
  5. Our products are standardized with a warranty and also continuous technical support.
  6. Our every product comes with a quality check to ensure uninterrupted service after installation.

For all your Structured Cabling installations in Dubai visit www.structurecabling.ae for any information.


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