How does Structure Cabling Work in Dubai?

How does Structure Cabling Work in Dubai?

Structured cabling design and installation are governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centres, offices, and apartment buildings for voice or data communication.

A network cabling system with proper planning and organised layout keeps all the devices used within the organisation together providing a versatile solution to all the communication devices.

Structured cabling provides an organised layout of the network cables and offers an aesthetic look to the office area.

Structured cabling offers a wide range of benefits to organisations. They include – 

*     Consistency

*     Support for equipment from a variety of manufacturers

*     Simplified moves, adds, and changes

*     Simplified troubleshooting

*      Support for future applications

A structured cabling system is the standard architecture for communications cabling. It’s a modern cabling infrastructure that contains numerous smaller elements. Structured cabling offers higher bandwidth and easier equipment installation; it makes troubleshooting connectivity problems much more hassle-free.

Structured Cabling Installations in Dubai

Structured cabling offers scalability and easy relocation of the network cables making it the most reliable option for network cabling.

How does Structured cabling work?

The structured cabling works on the following set up:

   *      Hardware ports are connected to a patch panel at the top of the server rack

   *     This patch panel is connected to another panel in the main distribution area via a trunk. Using a patch panel is a great way to keep their data centre or server room organised. It helps in the easy addition of new devices in the future.

   *    The trunk is a multi-fiber assembly designed specifically for transporting many signals simultaneously to provide network access between points. It is a constituent of the computer network that connects two network slices and/or two network devices together.

   *    All hardware connects to an MDA (main distribution area), which acts as a hub for all the information that needs to move from one point to another.

The structured cabling system consists of six subsystems located at different locations within the premises.

   *      Entrance facilities

   *      Equipment rooms

   *     Backbone cabling

   *     Horizontal cabling

   *     Telecommunication rooms

   *     Work area components  

Structured cabling offers better security to connect all the devices of a company. It provides support for increased audio and video needs of an organisation.

It caters to the increased audio/visual needs for online conferencing and better efficiency.

Structured cabling allows enhancing the data centre layout, organisation, and performance for data centres.

Streaming and remote teams can use a structured cabling to support increased audio/visual needs.

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